Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
We have expertise in providing quality products to our customers.
Every Single piece produced here is the reflection of our passion & distinctive craftsmanship on jewelry making. We express our core values as Creativity, Reliability, & Quality.
BIS Hallmarking
For jewelers, selling hallmarked gold becomes important so as to build trust in the market as well as among their consumers.It is impossible to judge the exact quality and purity of gold jewelry by simply looking at it. You need an expert to provide you with that assurance. Amantran Jewels provides BIS Hallmarked jewelry that describes the purity of gold.
All gold jewelry at Amantran Jewels carries the government approved 916 BIS Hallmarking. The mark is your guarantee that the jewelry confirms to all purity standards and will bring the highest resale value anywhere in the world.
Diamond Pricing
Arihant certifies the widest variety of gemstones and jewelry in more corners of the world than any other organization.
We believe that our customers deserve an unbiased grading report created by an independent internationally respected, gemological lab. Our diamond jewelry is certified by the, a gemological lab recognized for their commitment to consumer advocacy and high grading standard. The diamond jewelry is also accompanied by our in house certificate stating our appraisal on the 4 Cs and a description of the piece. Because this is what transparency looks like.
Simple and elegant bridal designs, solitaire collections and lightweight diamond jewelry studded with certified diamonds of the highest grade. Every piece from the Amantran diamond collection is certified for its quality and grade ensuring complete peace of mind for you.