The traditional meenakari jewellery

Buying a new piece of jewellery is pampering us. This is something we don´t do on regular basis, so choosing a new jewellery piece is exciting. We think of how a certain piece will enhance our beauty, style and reflect our personality.

There are some jewellery pieces that will always be stylish and they are simply timeless.

At Amantran Gems and Jewels you can Experience the blend of rich traditions and modern eternity into masterpieces

It’s heart-warming to see age-old Indian jewellery techniques dominating the scene. Meenakari jewellery is one such type that remains a big jewellery trend for 2022. Our meenakari set is delicate, elegant and lends a refreshing vibe to the traditional meenakari jewellery.

This Diamond necklace and Polki Choker beautifully embraces tradition while it’s spectacular design that will completely complement your look. Designed with hues of meenakari that are made with an intent to make a fashion and style statement. They are lightweight, uncut pieces of jewellery a perfect fit for someone with a taste for opulence.Add this ring and bracelet is perfect for you to look classic and traditional. It is cubical in a beautiful shape and dominated by the diamond in the center. Brilliantly shaped into perfection, our hues of minakari and diamond bracelet embodied with beads that adds to the beauty of your entire ensemble and act as a perfect match for you.

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