Inara Collection

Owning diamond jewellery sometimes also has a societal status quo attached to it. Wearing diamond jewellery not only enhances your magnificence, but often it also represents the luxury, prestige, and status of the woman enhancing the piece. Why? Because that’s how the notion of diamonds has evolved all through history. So, ladies, if you’ve earned your place at the table, add a piece of statement diamond jewellery to your powerful self to make your presence more confident.
At Amantran gems and jewels we launched a brand-new collection of diamond jewellery called Inara Collection. Derived from the Arabic word Inara, which translates as shine or illumination, the new pieces seamlessly marry aesthetics and engineering in a contemporary collection that brings to glittering life cosmic swirls, meteor showers and star bursts.
An extension of Amantran’s elaborate diamond jewellery collection, Inara showcases spectacular diamonds in highly original designs. Using only the finest quality diamonds, the pieces are artistically crafted in settings that incorporate single diamonds as well as diamond clusters. As spectacular as the new collection looks.
Inara will capture the hearts of ladies who are looking for elegant diamond jewels with lots of personality.
An exquisite ensemble of more than 1000+ unique designs, comprises diamond necklaces, bangles, earrings and cocktail rings, all set in yellow and white gold at Amantran gems and jewels.

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