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Amantran gems and jewels is a signature jewellery brand from Surat, marking almost 22 years in the glam world of gems and jewels For us, jewellery is about integrity and our connection with people. The Modern Style, Every piece is crafted by highly skilled artisans with immense passion and love. This piece of art is an eye-catcher for anyone who adores beauty. Such craftsmanship alters the attention of the observer and steals a place in the heart of the beholder. Reflecting elegance in perfect proportions; imagination derives from spiral curve which shows a continuous and a dramatic concept. Inspired by the rich green Indian heritage this marvel gets a touch of both mature as well as modern classics and is highly revered. The¬†¬†radiant impression of the emerald reminds of the ultra-sophistication with luxury at its peak. The signature royal notes of the flamboyant grooves creates an illustrous as well as a lasting impression which is royal to its core. The layers of this masterpiece are highly illuminating; influencing a bold yet elegant statement. A delicate yet artistic impression is what every woman craves. It definitely belongs to the every queen’s assembly.

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